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Warranties & Floor Care

Lifetime Warranty on Product Structure

Harbors Hardwoods engineered wood products have cross-grained construction for better dimensional stability. If under normal household conditions any warping, cupping, buckling or ply-bonding failures occur under the stated warranty, it would be at Harbours Hardwoods’ sole discretion to repair, replace, refinish or issue a refund.

25-Year Limited Residential Warranty on Product Finish

Under normal residential conditions and with proper maintenance, Harbours Hardwoods UV cured, Aluminum Oxide, Polyurethane finish will not wear through, peel or separate from the planks for 25 years.

Floor Care Guidelines

Harbors Hardwoods flooring is an excellent choice for easy maintenance and long-lasting beauty.

– Cleaning your hardwood floor is simple – dirt and dust are easily removed with a vacuum featuring a hard-surface attachment, beater bar turned off or a broom. Grit control is your best defense harbourhato keep a wood floor looking great for many years.

– For more difficult-to-remove soil, use a cloth moistened very lightly with plain water. Then wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Under no circumstances should the floor EVER be wet-mopped.

– Heavier stains, such as crayon, felt-tip markers, etc., may be removed with a standard wood floor cleaner designed for urethane finished products.

– Harbors Hardwoods flooring needs no special treatment. Never use soap solutions, sealers, polishes, or any abrasive materials.

– Protect the flooring in high traffic areas and from excessive tracking of outside dirt and soil with walk-off mats at all entrances. Rubber mats are to be avoided as they may oxidize the finish which could result in discoloration.

– Hardwood is a natural product that is affected by light. Rearrange rugs and furniture periodically to help minimize the effect that sunlight and direct lighting can have on the color of the hardwood floor.

– Use quality floor protectors, such as felt pads, beneath furniture legs to help protect the flooring surface. Rolling wheels are to be avoided or be a minimum of 1” wide and be of a soft material. Hard plastic, metal or domed wheels will damage any wood floor.

– Habours Hardwoods flooring is best maintained in a balanced room climate with 30-50% relative humidity at normal room temperature (60-80 degree Fahrenheit).

– Chemical spills such as acids, alkalis or petrochemicals should be removed. The floor should then be cleaned with a wood cleaner and dried with a soft absorbent cloth to prevent any residue from remaining on the flooring surface.

– If you have any questions regarding the installation or care of your new Harbors Hardwoods floor, Please call our technical support hotline for assistance: 1-909-912-2509 Attn: Tony.

25-Year Commercial Warranty

Conditions and Exclusions

– Warranties only apply to the original consumer and are not transferable. The original invoice is required.

– Warranties do not apply to conditions or defects caused by improper installation or jobsite conditions as set forth in the Harbors Installation Instructions. Harbors Hardwoods cannot warrant natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, small knots, grain variations, etc. These are inherent characteristics of a true natural product.

– The Limited Warranties do not cover planks that have been installed with obvious visual defects. The Limited Warranties do not cover noises, such as popping, crackling or squeaking.

– Due to the inherent characteristics of some wood, fine cracks (checking) may develop in the face of the wood. These cracks will not take away from the beauty and performance of your floor and can be minimized by following the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines of maintaining indoor relative humidity of 30% – 50% and a normal temperature year-round at the installation site.

– Gapping of planks is not covered under warranty.

– Loss of gloss is not covered under warranty.

– Damage due to moisture problems such as wet slabs or sub flooring, broken pipes, leaky faucets, appliance leaks, standing water or wet mopping is not covered under warranty.

– Damage arising from accidents, abuse, abnormal wear, spiked heels, and scratches or denting is not covered under warranty.

– Insect infestation, scratches or stains are not covered. Wood floor color changes after installation resulting from UV light exposure over time is nature and is not covered under warranty.

– “Buckling” or “cupping” due to the lack of expansion space left around objects such as walls, stairs, etc. Is not covered under warranty.

– Warranty excludes consequential or incidental damage claims. Repaired, refinish, replacement of flooring or refund at Harbors’ sole discretion are the only remedies available under this warranty.

– Any or all disputes arising out of Harbors Hardwoods or this warranty shall be subject to mandatory and binding arbitration in California, pursuant to the rules of American Arbitration Association. Any trails by jury are expressly waived.

Filing a Warranty Claim

If you have a warranty claim, contact your supplier and describe the problem. In many instances, they can provide you with a solution to correct the situation. If you need additional assistance or wish to file a claim, simply call Harbors Hardwoods Customer Care at 1-909-912-2509 Attn: Tony. Our representative will provide you with helpful information to address your concern. You may also write to us at:

Harbors Hardwoods
Attn: Claim Department
E-mail: [email protected]